“ Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of

     perception, interpretation and execution.” -  Ansel Adams

     With my photographs, I try to capture images that relate to my immediate surroundings.  I am 

     concerned about contrasting elements of shadow and light, foreground and distance, linear and

     spatial relationships.  There must be an emotional connection to the subject matter that I find in the

     natural environment around me.  My images are usually true straight images: unpretentious, and

     true to reality.  I feel similar to Edward Weston that “the camera should be used for a recording of

     life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself.” I also use a series

     approach in order to vary my focus.

     This website will showcase some examples of those works.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

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